Anatomy of a Copyright Infringement Case:

Stephen Herzberg’s “Sit For The Cure” Image.

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If you have wondered what may be involved in protecting your photographic and digitally-imaged work, this section is for you.

In February 2008, Stephen J. Herzberg decided to file an action for copyright infringement arising from an image he created as an advertising piece. On Steve’s behalf, I prepared and filed a Complaint in federal court.

Stephen Herzberg is an interdisciplinary, multi-media creator/producer, whose primary business is the implementation of visionary, theme-driven, persuasion campaigns. His business integrates his television/movie production company, a complete photographic studio, a newsletter, a consulting company, a social science research division, and a series of classes on all aspects of photography.

Steve is allowing this unusual view into his copyright case because he is dedicated to protecting the works of photographers and digital imagers. Together, our purpose in attaching the pleadings in this copyright infringement case, and keeping you apprised of the development of this case, is to educate and inform photographers like you about the use of copyright to protect your images. As the case progresses, we will post selected updates to this page.

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